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Digital radio guide

INT transforms the speaker’s phone into a transmitter and the listeners’ phone into a receiver.

Why rent or buy a stock of radio guides, when with INT you can have a digital quality tour guide system always at hand on your phone?

Cost contact: 0,06 €

With INT you can reduce rental costs by 97%. Superior quality, at a price 20 times lower than old radio guides.

INT is Free for listeners

Free and without registration.
The app is completely free for listeners.
It does not require registration or personal data.
No advertising, no profiling.

Gratis e senza registrazione.
Per gli ascoltatori l’app è completamente gratuita. Non richiede registrazione, né dati personali.

Our app is now available on Google Play.
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Available for Huawei and Xiaomì on Google Play.


Gita scolastica

“Ho utilizzato questa app in gita scolastica, funziona benissimo, pratica ed efficace.”


01/06/2024 -App Store

Google Play

Ho provato l’app durante una sessione dimostrativa e devo dire che funziona benissimo; è gratuita e il consumo della batteria è davvero ridotto. Approvata in pieno!


31 mar 2024 – Google Play

Google Play

Ho messo in tasca il cellulare e mi sono ricordato che la stavo usando solo quando ci siamo salutati. Quasi due ore di ascolto, consumo di batteria minimo che non so neppure quantificare…Forte !


27 feb 2024 – Google Play

Easy to use, crystal clear sound !

It is some months now that I and my tourists use « Int » system and we have all been very satisfied with it: when the tour is confirmed, some days before the tour, I send the link to my tourists, asking them to download the app, which is convenient to do because it doesn’t require much space on the mobile phone; the app tools are easy to use and the voice of the speaker comes crystal clear; moreover, allowing the reciprocal use of the microphone, it is much easier for the tourist who get lost, to find the guide and rejoin the group. I recommend this app to all my fellow guides and tour leaders, because it is really helpful.


09/06/2023 -App Store


Speaker is the INT function which, using the internet, starts an audio connection between the guide and the tourists.

The check-in of tourists can be done nearby via QRcode, or at any distance, by communicating the meeting code.

Unlike analog devices, whose audio channel is one-way, INT allows the guide to activate the microphone of tourists who want to ask a question.

How does “SPEAKER” work?

1 . Speaker

The speaker launches the INT app and generates a QRcode and a meeting code on their phone.

2 . Listeners

Listeners launch the INT app, and can connect via the QRcode reader or meeting code.

3 . Connect

The QRcode or meeting code communicated by the speaker connects the listeners’ phones.

4 . Start

The speaker can now speak, and the listeners, if the guide allows it, can also activate their microphone.

INT for professionals

INT is the ideal solution for tourist guides, museums, interpreters, conferences, tourist agencies, museums, companies, freelancers, interpreters, MICE, private individuals, conferences, schools…

We offer professionals contact packages which, based on their needs, lower the cost per contact from 0.20 € to 0.10 €.

INT for guides

We reserve an annual subscription for authorized guides and companions, for unlimited contacts, the annual amount of which is equal to the cost of renting 25 radio devices for a single day: 49.99 €.

INT for agencies

We offer multi-user packages to companies in the tourism sector that allow tourist agencies and tour operators to distribute the app to their guides, companions, etc.

If your agency uses them in the field, you will certainly have calculated how expensive the expense item for radio guides is, and how impactful the cost per contact is.

Compared to smaller packages, in addition to further lowering the cost per contact, bringing it down to 0.06 € per tourist, the agency packages allow the activation of multi-users for your collaborators.

The multi-user packages are INT 1,000, INT 2,500, INT 5,000, and activate multi-users for your guides. Multi-users are dedicated (and reserved) to agencies that register as such.

Tourist guide?
Local travel agency?
Tour operator?

Whether you are a small business with a single guide, or a large tour operator with many hundreds of guides, INT meets your budget and needs.

Choose the right solution for you from the contact packages, from a wide range of options.

INT10 : 1,95 €

Contact Packages

The contact packages are designed to offer a solution to every type of agency, even small individual businesses.

The cost per contact starts from 0.20 € for the INT 10 package, dropping to 0.10 € for INT 500.

The contact packages reserved for agencies (INT 1000 – 2,500 – 5,000) activate multi-users for your guides.

Naturally, the number of activated users is definitive, and will remain available regardless of the amount of contacts.

Therefore, small agencies that wish to have more users, but do not need large contact packages, can purchase a multi-user package, and then maintain a number of contacts suited to their needs through smaller contact packages. Even for just 1.95 e a year!

Travel agencies

Tour operator



Companies belonging to one of these categories can register with the generic indication “travel agencies” and access the INT multi-users.

Multi-user contact packages

Multi-user contact packages allow you to share your contacts with other smartphones. The multi-users are dedicated (and reserved) to agencies that wish to activate an INT user for their guides.

The multi-user section is activated with the purchase of agency packages.

Multi-users are activated with the purchase of packages:

  • INT 1.000, which activates 2 speaker users.
  • INT 2,500, which activates 5 speaker users.
  • INT 5,000, which activates 10 speaker users.

All utilities include that of the administrator.

Additional utilities

Additional users can be acquired through the multiple purchase of multi-user packages, in particular the INT 5,000 package.

It is the amount of contacts that adds further users, whether it is a single speaker or dozens. Once unlocked, the number of users reached remains available even when the number of contacts decreases.

The thresholds that unlock other users are listed in this progressive sequence (including that of the administrator):

  • 1,000 contacts, 2 speakers
  • 2,000 contacts, 4 speakers
  • 2,500 contacts, 5 speakers
  • 5,000 contacts, 10 speakers
  • 10,000 contacts, 20 speakers
  • 20,000 contacts, 30 speakers
  • 30,000 contacts, 40 speakers
  • 40,000 contacts, 50 speakers
  • 50,000 contacts, 60 speakers
  • 60,000 contacts, 70 speakers
  • 70,000 contacts, 80 speakers
  • 80,000 contacts, 90 speakers
  • 90,000 contacts, 100 speakers
  • 100,000 contacts, 110 speakers
  • 110,000 contacts, 120 speakers
  • 120,000 contacts, 130 speakers
  • 130,000 contacts, 140 speakers
  • 140,000 contacts, 150 speakers
  • 150,000 contacts, 160 speakers
  • 160,000 contacts, 170 speakers
  • 170,000 contacts, 180 speakers
  • 180,000 contacts, 190 speakers
  • 190,000 contacts, 200 speakers
  • 200,000 contacts, 210 speakers
INT by Interpretibus


For tourists the app is completely free and without advertising.

For our corporate ethics (indeed, we call it gravitas) users of our app can download INT without any type of registration and use it without any type of profiling.

Your customers will always remain yours alone.

INT – agency guides: Best practice

User e-mail

In INT, the registration email corresponds to the username.

The same email cannot be used for other registrations.

A freelance guide who is already registered on INT with his personal email cannot be activated as an agency guide with the same email.

It is a good rule for the agency to activate the user of its guide using a company email. For example:

Test guides

It is absolutely advisable that guides try the app to practice before using it in the field with real tourists.

It is absolutely advisable that guides download the manuals (of the speaker and the listener) in order to get to know the INT app before addressing tourists.

Understanding how the INT app works is immediate, but it is certainly not advisable for the guide to open the app for the first time in front of your tourists.

Try INT now!

Install the app, register and try INT with friends and colleagues.

You can also do it remotely from your home and converse with them: just enable the listeners’ microphone when the meeting starts, and connect them by communicating the code.

Activate the free test pack of 10 contacts.

test INT: Procedure

Install INT

  1. Click on the link to the Android or iPhone store.
  2. Start the installation and launch the app.
  3. In the “professional users” section, registered as a “Tourist Agency”.
  4. Once you have received your username and password, log in to the app.
  5. Activate the free test of 10 contacts.

Before using speaker, you must enter an itinerary and an event.

  1. Enter a new itinerary,
    (for example “Rome”, or simply “Test”).
  2. Now go into events, and create a new event for that itinerary.
    (for example “Imperial Forums”, or simply “Reunion”).

Share INT

  1. Now launch Speaker, associate the event you created, and start the meeting.
  2. If you want listeners to be able to talk,
    select “Enable users microphone”.
  3. A meeting code will appear; communicate this to the listeners.

Listeners will only have to:

  1. install the app and, without any registration,
    access the “free traveler” section.
  2. Instead of selecting speaker QRcode, they will enter the meeting code you sent them in the text field below.

Good chat, and happy testing!

Install, try, buy.

Download the app and register to identify yourself as a tour operator. Start the free test, and try the “speaker” function. You can purchase contact packages via your smartphone store.

Gratis e senza registrazione.
Per gli ascoltatori l’app è completamente gratuita. Non richiede registrazione, né dati personali.

Scarica su App Store
Our app is now available on Google Play

Available for Huawei and Xiaomì on Google Play.

FactorYmpresa Turismo


INT won the “Smart Contact Tourism 2021” of Invitalia and Mibact, the challenge that selected, compared and rewarded the best business ideas that offer touchless solutions for the relaunch of tourism in a next normal perspective.

INT is a Patented app

Ministry of Development
Patent for industrial invention

Application number: 102018000009875. Submission date: 10/29/2018.
“System and method of transmission, detection and execution of data for the development of a tourist service”.

credits. Thanks to:

“Adorable young lady in cozy attire using smartphone for listening music”. Image by lookstudio on Freepik. / “Portrait of a cheerful cute woman listening music in headphones and dancing isolated on a white back”. Image by benzoix on Freepik. / “Feminine lovely curly-haired woman white t-shirt hold smartphone picked awesome new song listen music wearing”. Image by benzoix on Freepik.